How to ensure a secure password

May 2nd is World Password Day. This is a good occasion to make you become aware of the importance of a secure password. Data theft, phishing or targeted hacker attacks are nowadays a frequent topic of discussion in the media. The huge data theft of January 2019, in which millions of passwords were distributed worldwide, is perhaps still on your mind.
In order to protect your own user accounts, it is therefore important to take this matter seriously instead of hoping that it will not affect you. So here are a few important tips to help you protect your appJobber user account - and of course your hard-earned money.

Protect your user accounts from unauthorized access! - Foto: JanBaby, Pixabay, CC0

password, 123456 or qwert – you've got a bad hand with passwords like these.

These are at the top of the hit list of particularly frequent IT security deficiencies. Hackers have an easy game with passwords like these and can empty your account in a flash or order expensive items at your expense. But even a more complicated password has its pitfalls - if the same password is used for different accounts. If this password falls into the hands of hackers and appears somewhere on the Internet, as with the password leak in January 2019, then all your accounts with the same access data are in danger.

Please consider the following rules:

  1. Use different passwords for different user accounts.

  2. Mix upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. For example, choose a phrase where you only use certain letters and characters.

  3. Change your password regularly.

  4. The more characters the better. Recommendation: Use the maximum number of characters available to you.

  5. Do not give your password to anyone - not even to your partner.

So, it's best to immediately check all your passwords and change them according to these recommendations. By doing so, you don't have to worry about your user accounts anymore!

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