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Its the time again. For a pilot project in Poland we need hundreds of supermarket-checks in Warsaw and all other major cities. So if you also need to cool down, go to the supermarket and find the cooled shelfes and take pictures of all coffee drinks to go. The aim of the check is to get an overview of the refrigerated shelves and freezers and the product ranges they contain. So that you don't get too cold, freezers are excluded. The job applies nationwide in many supermarkets. Just in and out again .. And 22 Zł are yours.

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May 2nd is World Password Day. This is a good occasion to make you become aware of the importance of a secure password. Data theft, phishing or targeted hacker attacks are nowadays a frequent topic of discussion in the media. The huge data theft of January 2019, in which millions of passwords were distributed worldwide, is perhaps still on your mind.
In order to protect your own user accounts, it is therefore important to take this matter seriously instead of hoping that it will not affect you. So here are a few important tips to help you protect your appJobber user account - and of course your hard-earned money.

Protect your user accounts from unauthorized access! - Foto: JanBaby, Pixabay, CC0

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We proudly present you: our brand-new badges!

Curious about our badges?

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Have you seen our store checks yet?

They are available for you all over Europe and are just waiting to be done by you. These easy scouting jobs can be fulfilled in just a few minutes. So, have a closer look!

Our scouting jobs will bring you good money in minutes!

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